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Rep On Jason Biggs' Monkey Business: "Not Everything On The Internet Is True"

Опубликовано: Aug 28, 2009 на admin Категория: Movies Просмотры: 3028 Теги: Jason Biggs, American Pie
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Contrary to an online report, Jason Biggs has not been attacked by a Gibraltar ape while on vacation on the island, his rep told Access  Hollywood.

“Jason’s in LA, had a meeting yesterday with his agents,” the rep told Access. “Not everything on the Internet is true.”

Earlier on Thursday, the UK’s Telegraph reported that the star had gone sightseeing in Gibraltar, only to find himself face-to-face with a Barbary macaque that “tried to bite his face off.” There are reportedly some 200 “Barbary apes” in Gibraltar – a species native to North Africa and brought to the British territory by soldiers in the 18th century.

The erroneous report comes at the same time as the 10th anniversary of Biggs’ breakthrough role, as a sex-challenged teenager who had a different close encounter – with the title desert — in the comedy “American Pie.”

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