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Leonardo DiCaprio To Lose Radical Amount Of Weight For New Film

Опубликовано: Aug 28, 2009 на admin Категория: Movies Просмотры: 2480 Теги: Leonardo DiCaprio
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Leonardo DiCaprio is set to become the latest celebrity to get seriously skinny for a film role. The movie hunk faces a weighty battle to lose a pile of pounds for his new movie Inception, which has been written by The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan.

A set insider tells RadarOnline.com, "There's an action scene coming up at the end of the year in which he needs to appear emaciated, so the pressure is on. Leo isn't the kind of guy who can just lose a radical amount of weight... He's following a strict diet and is embarking on a rigorous workout regime. Leo's a pretty determined kind of guy, when he sets his mind to things he always achieves them. Though this is going to be hard for him, you can guarantee he'll succeed."

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